LawBank Members Learn About the Importance of Mindfulness from Mick Neustadt, LCSW

At this December 5, 2019 workshop, held at LawBank CoBo in Denver, participants spent their lunchtime hour learning about the role of mindfulness in their law practice and the benefits mindfulness offers to attorneys and other legal professionals.

Mick Neustadt is a licensed clinical social worker in the Washington D.C. area who provides therapy services, mindfulness sessions, mindfulness workshops, and retreats. During this workshop, he was joined by Laurie Gilbertson of Tribeca Blue Consulting. Mick discussed the tenets of mindfulness and Laurie discussed the applicable Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct as they relate to mindful communication with clients.

In the early stages of the presentation, Mick discussed the definition of mindfulness and explained how mindfulness can be used to minimize stress, improve mental clarity, and improve both personal and professional relationships.

Attendees also learned how to start a daily mindfulness practice. Mick offered several tips, including paying attention to your breath throughout the day, journaling after a mindfulness session, and tying mindfulness in with a daily walking practice. His tips can be found in full in this handout.

As always, LawBank is grateful to its presenters for the information they share. Those interested in learning more about Mick Neustadt’s services can visit his private practice page. Find out more about Laurie Gilbertson’s services at Tribeca Blue Consulting.

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