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Co-Working Space for Lawyers in Denver

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LawBank Co-working Law Office Space: The Business Solution for Today’s Independent Lawyer

LawBank provides an ecosystem for lawyers to collaborate with other lawyers, refer matters, mentor less experienced attorneys, contract and co-counsel with other attorneys, and provide other ways to make the practice of law worthwhile.

While providing the physical space many lawyers and their clients have come to expect, it is the collaborative work environment that makes LawBank an ideal business solution for attorneys. We are seeking the best-in-class practitioner at every level of practice, from fresh out of law school to those winding down their careers. LawBank is a concept whose time has come in the “gig” economy, providing on-demand services for lawyers to help them better-serve their clients’ needs and meet their clients’ expectations.

Call us today to learn more about your new law office solution: 303-927-0010.

Client Testimonials

I’ve been at LawBank really since the inception of my firm in 2012. Plain and simply, LawBank has played a tremendous role in our firm’s growth. In addition to firm infrastructure, it’s provided me with a tremendous “bank” of knowledge and resources.

I’m certain that we have either collaborated with, brainstormed with, received referrals from, sent referrals to, or shared a laugh or two with most everyone at LawBank.

Stan Doida, Doida Law Group

The Law Bank community of smart, collegial attorneys provides an invaluable resource network to solo and small-firm practitioners. Community members support each other through co-counsel arrangements, mentoring, educational events, and collaborative conversations. This support system has helped me build a growing business transactional practice that simply would not exist without Law Bank.

Kristen C. Burke, Bluebird Legal Strategies, former General Counsel to Chief Justice Rice of the Colorado Supreme Court