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I’ve been at LawBank really since the inception of my firm in 2012.  Plain and simply, LawBank has played a tremendous role in our firm’s growth. In addition to firm infrastructure, it’s provided me with a tremendous “bank” of knowledge and resources.

I’m certain that we have either collaborated with, brainstormed with, received referrals from, sent referrals to, or shared a laugh or two with most everyone at LawBank.

  • Stan Doida , Doida Law Group

Having CLE programs and other interesting programs and speakers “on the premises” is convenient and a unique benefit of LawBank.  I participate in some on-line webinars for my practice development but there is nothing like having real people in the room.

  • Frank Schuchat , International Trade and Business attorney , Schuchat International Law Firm, LLC

As a young attorney opening my own law firm, LawBank was the best decision that I made for my business. The support and mentoring that I have received from other attorneys at LawBank has been invaluable to me.

  • Lindsey Daugherty , Family Law and Criminal Defense attorney , Law Office of Lindsey Daugherty, LLC

The Law Bank community of smart, collegial attorneys provides an invaluable resource network to solo and small-firm practitioners. Community members support each other through co-counsel arrangements, mentoring, educational events, and collaborative conversations. This support system has helped me build a growing business transactional practice that simply would not exist without Law Bank.

  • Kristen C. Burke , former General Counsel to Chief Justice Rice of the Colorado Supreme Court , Bluebird Legal Strategies

Joining Law Bank was the best career decision I could have ever made.  The collaboration with the other amazing Law Bank attorneys has heightened my practice to level I could not have imagined in a short amount of time.

  • Kevin Lazar, Esq. , Wills, Trusts and Estates Attorney

LawBank has been an amazing experience. I was a non-traditional law student. and I knew all along that I wanted to launch my own solo practice right from the start. LawBank provides the professional mentorship, supportive feedback, and seasoned advice a new lawyer needs to be successful. The other attorneys are so generous and eager to work collaboratively. Everybody wins in this new creative model of law services. Jay and the staff are excellent, and they keep asking how they can do more. The services are exactly what I need and reasonably priced. I am so grateful to be part of LawBank!

  • Pat Mellen , Pat Mellen Law LLC