Reasons lawyers leave big firms

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Independent law practice is becoming increasingly appealing to more lawyersreasons lawyers leave

You might have dreamed of making partner when you first started out as a lawyer, but now independent law practice is calling your name. More lawyers are deciding to leave bigger firms in favor of the freedom solo practice offers.

Here are just some of the reasons lawyers leave big firms:

  • People problems. Problematic co-workers make lawyers dream of a solo career. Lack of support and trust, or simply differences of opinion, can make working at a larger firm uncomfortable. In addition, clients can sense animosity and discord. If lawyers can’t come together for the company and clientele, the firm will suffer.
  • Growth. No personal or company growth in the law firm makes lawyers feel stagnant. Independent practice can offer a new challenge and the opportunities for growth you seek at this stage of your career.
  • Workload. A law firm is successful because everyone gives 100 percent, but you might feel that you are doing more than your fair share. If you’re doing all the work, jealousy and resentment builds which leads to animosity and burn-out.
  • Location. From hours-long commutes in heavy traffic to working in an office in a noisy part of town, location matters. For some lawyers, an unfavorable location is the final straw in making the decision to leave a firm.
  • Firm size. A larger firm can offer more opportunities with regard to clients, specialties and work available, but you can also feel like a number inside a large firm.  Working as an independent lawyer can give you the freedom to focus your work as you choose.
  • Expulsion. If you were asked to leave a firm, try to view it as a fresh start. A woe-is-me attitude could prevent your future success because you won’t be open to new opportunities. Reach out to your network, and consider working for a smaller firm or starting an independent law practice.

Whatever your reasons for leaving a large law firm to start an independent practice, you can find a community of support at our Denver co-working space for lawyers. Contact us to learn more.