Successfully transition from Big Law to independent practice.

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Many of our current LawBank members have been where you are now. You are on the precipice and preparing to make one of the biggest leaps of your life – into independent law practice.

Like you, they wanted:

  • More autonomy
  • The ability to choose cases and clients with the right fit
  • Flexibility and a better work-life balance

LawBank provides the ideal venue to transition into successful independent practice, with the collaborative environment and professional atmosphere new practices need to thrive.

While leaving an established law firm can feel a little daunting, most of our members wouldn’t look back. They have found a community of supportive peers at LawBank that helps eliminate the sense of isolation some law entrepreneurs feel.

Our members choose from a variety of coworking or office space arrangements that meet the needs of their firms. Whether you need one desk in a shared setting, or several private offices, we have options for you. All of these options come with an atmosphere of professionalism where you can feel proud to welcome clients. We provide the space, office equipment, conference rooms and reception services that allow you to deliver a quality experience to your clients as you grow your practice.

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