A big law firm is not the only career option for lawyers

options for lawyersWorking for a large law firm is not the only option available to lawyers. Especially in the modern legal industry, your law degree and experience can open a number of doors to you.

Many of these options for lawyers depend the type of law you want to practice, your salary expectations and more:

Associate in a Large Law Firm

  • This path has been the traditional one for many a new lawyer. The position comes with a steady paycheck and often generous benefits. With time and plenty of hard work, you may one day become a partner.
  • On the other hand, the hours are grueling. Partners judge you by how many billable hours you generate, and much of what you generate goes straight to the firm, not into your pocket. With so much time spent working, you might not have a family life.

Contract Lawyer

  • Contract lawyers are temporary employees hired by law firms or corporations for a specific job, usually reviewing documents. This kind of employment is one of the easiest to find, and it offers flexibility. You are not locked into working for one firm or one corporation.
  • On the other hand, contract lawyers are usually paid low hourly wages, and the work can be monotonous.

Company Counsel

  • Large companies often have in-house counsel. These jobs tend to have regular hours and less pressure than a law firm job.
  • On the other hand, you deal with one kind of business day in and day out, so it is best to work for a company that fits your interests and the type of law you want to practice.

Independent Law Firm

  • If none of the above options sounds appealing, then consider setting up your own law practice. You determine your own hours and decide how much money you want to earn. You take on clients with interesting cases. You are in charge, and the money you earn goes directly to you and your firm.

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