The Colorado Boulevard location of LawBank recently hosted a CLE lecture given by LawBank member Laurie Gilbertson of Tribeca Blue Consulting. Laurie is an accomplished public speaker and communications coach. She is the owner of Tribeca Blue Consulting and is a former New York City Assistant District Attorney and television legal analyst.

In her one-hour program, Laurie provided her top ten tips that lawyers can rely on to take their public speaking skills to the next level. Laurie described the importance of being yourself during presentations to help your messaging be more authentic, sincere, and well-received. She also shared how developing a resonant theme and using storytelling to convey it during your lectures are powerful tools in capturing an audience’s attention.

LawBank member attorneys learned from Laurie’s insights how to take their public speaking skills beyond the courtroom. Lawyers can use these public speaking techniques during the client pitch process, during networking opportunities, and also when lecturing to business owners and other attorneys. Information about Laurie Gilbertson and Tribeca Blue Consulting can be found on her website.

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