LawBank Hosts Lecture on Implicit Bias by Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer Karen Steinhauser

LawBank was pleased to host a CLE lecture on the implications of implicit bias in Colorado cases. Karen Steinhauser of The Law Office of Karen Steinhauser LLC is a LawBank member. She is a criminal defense attorney for adults and juveniles in the state system, an adjunct law professor, part-time judge and does workshops on implicit bias.

During the presentation titled, “Implicit Bias, How to Spot It and What to Do About It,” Karen shared practical information about how unconscious behavior, referred to as implicit bias, can shape the behavior of all players in the Colorado court system. In her lecture, she quoted the Kirwan Institute – Ohio State University’s definition of this unconscious belief system and stated, “Implicit Bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner.”  She also explained how ABA Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4(g) applies and its relationship to implicit bias.

Karen rested on many years of experience as a trial attorney to shed light on how implicit bias affects the way attorneys treat their clients, how jurors view defendants (such as felons), and how attorneys involved in mentor-mentee relationships can be unknowingly influenced by implicit bias. She gave great insight into recognizing when this type of unconscious behavior is present in a situation and how to interrupt it through self-correction or neutralizing it in someone else. More Information About Karen Steinhauser of The Law Office of Karen Steinhauser LLC.

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