Transition from Big Law to a Solo Law Practice – How LawBank Can Help

From the LawBank Video Channel, LawBank founding partner Jay Kamlet discusses the transition from Big Law to solo law practice, and how that inspired him to launch the collaborative legal community at LawBank:

“Being a lawyer who just decided to leave his big national law firm to be a solo practitioner, I can say that I built LawBank for people like myself who have been at big law firms, who want the accoutrement of a law firm but don’t want the politics of a law firm. The opportunity to come in to LawBank is a nice, easy way to transition from being a Big Law practitioner to being a solo practitioner or a small firm practitioner. We have many lawyers who have come here from bigger firms who love the opportunities that LawBank provides to make them feel like they’re not just going into their basement office or to a Starbucks, so that they can feel community. They are actually building their own new community of independent practitioners.”

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