Working at home or co-working?

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working at home or co-working?Co-working provides another option for small law firms and solo lawyers

The way lawyers work is rapidly evolving. No longer does an attorney have to be a partner in a big law firm in order to have a successful practice. Alternative office solutions for lawyers are de rigueur for unpartnered attorneys who wish to present themselves and their practice in an entirely professional manner without the overhead costs.

In the 21st century, there are a number of alternative yet viable solutions for lawyers who choose to eschew the big corporate legal office scene.

Working from home

If you are a solo lawyer with a relatively small case load, working from an office in your home may be the ideal. Dedicating a room to one’s profession works out fine for many attorneys. If you live alone or if your home is quiet during business hours, your spare room may suffice quite nicely as your local legal office.

If you are a new lawyer with an infant or small children in the house during the day, conducting your legal practice from your home may not work well. Likewise, if you have rambunctious dogs, frequent daytime visitors or live in a noisy location, a home office might not be the best choice.

In addition, many work-from-home small business owners report a sense of isolation and miss the ability to interact and network with professional peers.

Co-working law office space

The immediate benefit of shared office space is reduced overhead costs. Leasing law office space in downtown Denver can be a pricey proposition. Solo lawyers who choose to conduct business at the LawBank can bring their briefcase, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The benefits of leasing space at LawBank include:

  • 24/7 access to workspace and conference rooms
  • Options to lease co-working, office or suite space
  • Networking opportunities with other lawyers
  • Professional development options with hosted seminars
  • Locked file storage
  • WiFi and broadband Internet access
  • Skilled receptionist during business hours
  • Access to printers, copiers and fax machines
  • Complimentary coffee beverages
  • Hosted webpage

If you are a lawyer with a desire to conduct business in an affordable, nontraditional office setting, be sure to contact LawBank to learn how we can help.

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