The benefits of working as an independent lawyer

Two thousand hours. Two thousand billable hours. That is the goal most big law firms set for newly hired lawyers.

While it does not sound like much on paper, it does not include time spent on necessary administrative tasks, networking, research and other non-billable time.

By contrast, independent attorneys have a lot more flexibility in how they use their time. They put in the hours needed to meet their clients’ needs, but they don’t have to live and die by a billable hour percentage. As a result, independent attorneys are also afforded time to fulfill other important obligations and pursuits:

  • spending time with family
  • running errands
  • traveling
  • exercising and self-care
  • making time for personal enrichment

Further, working for a large law firm can make many lawyers lose sight of why they went into law in the first place. Long hours, office politics and tedious work can begin to chip away at an eager lawyer’s passion for his or her work.

Independent lawyers, on the other hand, have more flexibility to choose clients whose views align with their own. The solo lawyer also has more freedom to give the client the attention he or she deserves.

In addition, many solo lawyers enjoy seeing first-hand the difference they make for their clients. This relationship between the independent lawyer and client, along with less demand for billable hours, allows independent lawyers to check in on their clients more freely, which in turn encourages referrals.

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