Independent law practice offers women in law sought-after flexibility

women in lawMany women in law end up quitting when they become moms. Big law firms are notorious for long hours and demanding caseloads, and that can leave many women lawyers conflicted about work time vs. family time. However, independent law practice offers an alternative, and it often means more flexibility and autonomy.

If you are a woman in law who has chosen to launch an independent law practice, you get to call the shots regarding how your practice runs. Of course client service and caseload will still be vitally important, but you have the flexibility to structure your day according to your own needs.

In the process, keep in mind these tips:

Learn to compromise

Something has to give. Sometimes, you will need to work more and spend less time with your family. When times are slow at the office, take more time for your family. You might have deadlines to reach, even though you have something planned. You will learn to compromise both ways.

As an independent practitioner, you have the ability to work when it best suits your needs and your family schedule.

Let go of the guilt

Working parents, and moms in particular, sometimes experience guilt when they can’t be with their children. Many feel guilty for putting their children in child care. Others feel guilty when they miss dinner (even if it is just once in a while).If you don’t let go of the guilt, it will eat you up and you won’t be happy.

Work is often a key component to your personal sense of satisfaction, as well as your budget. Your time at work is part of who you are, and your children will benefit from your example as a thriving and happy professional.

Let go of the things that you can’t do

You are not going to be able to do everything. Focus on what you are able to get done every day. For everything else, get help. Hire someone to help with the housework. Eat out instead of doing all of the cooking. Hire an assistant to help with the administrative side of your law practice.

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