What Will They Say About You?

2018-07-31T13:15:23+00:00August 16th, 2013|

Presentation by Rabbi Daniel Cohen Inspires LawBank Members.

Rabbi Daniel Cohen sat down with LawBank members and guests this week to present his “Courageous Choices” seminar. Rabbi Cohen discussed his concept of living a life for which you want to be remembered. Cohen outlined his idea of reverse-engineering your life – how to start with the person that you want to become and work backwards to create a life that leads to that objective. The message generated a lot of interest from LawBank’s community of entrepreneurial lawyers, a group of motivated professionals seeking more meaning out of work and life. LawBank exists to help solo attorneys and small firms create the businesses that they want, so Cohen’s message was well received. To learn more about Rabbi Cohen and his new book, “What Will They Say About You? The 7 Principles for Reverse Engineering Your Life,” visit: WhatWillTheySayAboutYou.com?

Some pictures from the event: