Independent lawyers can boost productivity in a co-working space

what lawyers need in a coworking spaceIf you’re a lawyer fresh out of law school and wanting to make it on your own, or you’re breaking off from a big law firm to launch an independent law practice, there are so many factors to consider.

The first order of business is finding a place to set up shop. Since money may not be on your side (at first), there’s an option you may want to consider: co-working.

Why should lawyers consider co-working

Co-working is essentially sharing an office space with other business professionals. You can opt to have a private office within the space, sharing other amenities like a reception and waiting area, or you can have a desk set in the middle of a large room with other desks.

What to look for in a co-working space for lawyers

There are a number of things to look for when considering co-working, including:

Comfort. Comfort is key when it comes to finding an office area for you to work in. You’ll want to assess the size of the rooms and degree of noisiness and privacy. Look at the cleanliness of bathroom and kitchen areas as well. These factors will affect your productivity: You need a place where you feel comfortable settling in to work.

Design. You’ll want an office design that leaves a lasting impression on your visitor; one that makes you appear professional. Your office is often the first impression your clients have of your firm, and you want the space to speak well for you.

Location. The location is extremely important, to both you and your clients. Consider the proximity to frequented areas like shopping or fitness centers, as well as places you’ll visit often, such as the courthouse or clerk’s office.

Security. For lawyers in particular, security is a key factor in choosing the right co-working space. A staffed reception area and places to store files under lock and key are among the amenities you should seek.

Community. One key reason independent practitioners look for a co-working space is to avoid the sense of isolation that often comes with working from home. For lawyers, it can also be important to have access to a broader network of professionals and lawyers in other practice areas.

To learn more about LawBank’s co-working for lawyers in Denver, contact us. We offer private offices and co-working desks at two locations: Central Denver and Denver Uptown.