Marketing your law practice is key to building business

The law industry is seeing a new era of solo lawyers as compared to the old era of “big law” and, with that shift, we see more independent lawyers looking to master their own marketing. Marketing a solo law practice does not have to be difficult. However, it does need to be done correctly to avoid damaging your brand from the start. You also want to avoid wasted time and effort spent on marketing that doesn’t convert to new clients.

Here are some tips for amping up your visibility as an independent lawyer:

  • Do some legwork. The old-fashioned method of getting out in the community and meeting people still works for lawyers today.
  • Have a solid online presence. It is important for lawyers to have, and regularly update, a quality website and a social media presence. In order to reach people, you need to be where the people are. You also need to make it easy for them to find you online.
  • Create useful content. You can use content marketing tactics, such as blogging or creating free guides and reports, to help add value to your brand. Sharing information helps build trust and proves that you know your field.
  • Join the lecture circuit. In-person presentations are a great way to promote yourself and showcase your knowledge. It also creates opportunities for networking. Always take plenty of business cards when giving a lecture and target your presentation directly to your specific audience.
  • Attend networking events. It can be difficult to motivate yourself to attend these events after a long work day, but they pay off. Go with the goal of talking to five new people. Each new person you meet could become a valuable partner or resource in your network, so take the time to participate.

As you proceed, remember to be confident in who you are, where you fit in your niche and what value you offer to clients. Know how you help solve pain points for potential clients and then play off this knowledge to build your connections.

If you are starting or building an independent law practice in Denver, contact us today. Our flexible office leases and co-working spaces offer you an affordable way to build your business and develop your professional network.