Damian Arguello Speaks to LawBank Members About the Role of Insurance Contracts in Business

On December 3, 2019, LawBank was pleased to welcome Damian J. Arguello, a LawBank member himself, to the Sherman Street location. He spoke to members about the role of insurance contracts in business.

As a founding partner of Colorado Insurance Law Center, Damian J. Arguello is committed to helping businesses and their legal teams with risk management and insurance issues.  Damian’s presentation, humorously named “The Red-Headed Stepchild: The Crucial But Overlooked Role of Insurance Contracts in Business,” aimed to help lawyers build their understanding of insurance law in several key areas. Primary goals of this session included explaining the role of insurance in other commercial ventures, how insurance interconnects with other types of contractual risk transfer, key issues involved in contractual insurance and other contracts, and ethical issues circling insurance.

Damian clearly laid out the potential issues of poorly handled insurance contracts by exploring several cautionary tales, some of which cost companies millions of dollars. From there, he moved onto defining key terms in the insurance industry and looking into ways that companies can engage in risk management. Other parts of the presentation focused on ethical concerns, compliance, and industry practices.

More information about Damian J. Arguello’s work is available at the Colorado Insurance Law Center website.

Through US Legal Support, Inc., LawBank is happy to offer recordings of its educational presentations and lectures: https://huntergeist.sharefile.com/share/view/s4e29565747642eaa

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