To find work-life balance, your fellow like-minded entrepreneurs can help

like-minded entrepreneursAs an independent attorney, you are an entrepreneur. You must build your business just like any other start-up in any other industry, and connecting with the right network of people can help you in that endeavor. More importantly, like-minded entrepreneurs can help you build your business and maintain work-life balance.

What is a like-minded entrepreneur?

Throughout our work-life balance series, we have discussed the need to make personal time a priority while building your law practice. As you work that priority into your firm culture and personal work style, the people around you can either make or break your efforts.

If you network with fellow entrepreneurs who regularly work 80 hours per week, you’re more likely to feel pulled into a similar approach to business.

On the other hand, connecting with business owners who have a life outside of work can help you do the same. As one Entrepreneur guest writer said:

“The people with whom you associate and spend time with influence who you are and what you become. Therefore, it is important to surround yourself with positive, uplifting people that help you to grow and thrive as a business owner and as a person. Positive people naturally exude their best attributes; these are the individuals with whom you want to associate and connect with.”

You have the power to choose who influences you, your business and your time. Choose to network with people who support both your law practice and your commitment to your personal life.

So, think briefly about the business owners you admire. Do they also share your values when it comes to work-life balance? If not, then it might be time to branch out and connect with people who do.

Network with work-life balance in mind

As the article above illustrates, networking can help you build your business and boost your reputation. It’s a valuable tool that an entrepreneur can’t afford to ignore.

However, how you approach networking can impact your work-life balance, either positively or negatively. How?

  • Networking takes time, which can eat into your personal time if you don’t prioritize
  • Finding the right connections through networking can fast-track your business development and actually leave you with free time
  • Some forms of networking, such as co-working, can happen during regular work hours
  • Authentic connections made through networking will support both your business and your personal values

As you approach your networking strategy, think critically about which groups and opportunities fit your work-life balance needs. You don’t need to attend every networking event in town: Focus on the ones that will lead to more valuable connections with like-minded entrepreneurs.

In addition, set a limit on how many hours you intend to devote to networking and business development. While these tools will help you generate new business, it shouldn’t be at the expense of the work-life balance you seek.

To learn more about creating positive connections with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, contact us. Our collaborative co-working spaces bring together lawyers in Denver who help support each other’s law businesses. 

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