Co-working for lawyers is one way to grow a successful solo practice

The way professionals work is changing, and modern workplace options allow for the flexibility and stability many new independent law firms need. If you are not yet sure if starting your own law firm is the right choice for you, consider the benefits of working alongside your legal peers in a co-working office:

  • Cost. When you join a co-working group, it costs much less than maintaining your own office. Shared office and co-working spaces like LawBank offer many different packages, depending on your needs. Internet, phones and other operational necessities are included in the packages.
  • Professional environment. Meeting and conference rooms are available for you to use. This professional meeting space allows you to make a great impression on your clients and meet their needs in a convenient location.
  • Amenities. Co-working spaces offer other amenities that clients may expect from bigger firms, including a receptionist, coffee and more.
  • Community and collaboration. Co-working spaces help you develop professional connections as you work alongside other professionals. In the case of LawBank, those professionals are all lawyers, which helps you expand your referral network and develop relationships that can lead to future collaborative efforts. Many entrepreneurs who work from home or in coffee shops complain about the sense of isolation, and that problem is eliminated in the congenial environment of a co-working space.
  • Professional development. LawBank offers its co-workers a website and hosts networking events and seminars to support your professional development.

As a new independent lawyer, you don’t have to go it alone. You can build your business among a community of your legal peers in a professional, but affordable, environment.

Contact us for more information about our co-working offices. Our locations in central Denver and Uptown are conveniently located and well-appointed to help Denver lawyers grow their independent practices.