Efficiency and productivity are key for small law firm technology

small law firm technologyBig firms have the resources to implement the latest technology for lawyers and employ entire IT teams to analyze the outcome. Lack of resources to address technology is one of the biggest concerns independent practitioners and small firms face, but small law firm technology can help.

Small law firm challenges

The National Law Review recently reported the results of a survey of solo and small firms. The survey highlighted small law firm challenges and how independent lawyers address them. Dealing with the increasing complexity of technology was ranked third on the list. When it comes to dealing with complex new technology, 72 percent of solos or small firms either don’t have a plan or have done nothing to implement one.

Practicing as an indepenent lawyer or in a small firm doesn’t mean you can’t compete on the same playing field as the big firms. You just need to know where to find the resources to give you the advantage you need. Two of those resources are below.

The Coalition of Technology Resources for Lawyers

Technology-assisted review is one of the hottest growing developments in the e-discovery process. It is proven to save time, effort and money. The Coalition of Technology Resources for Lawyers (CTRL) advances the use of technology and analytics in the practice of law. CTRL develops legal resources for practitioners engaging in technology-assisted review.

CTRL maintains a comprehensive database of predictive coding opinions and case management orders. The database is sortable on a number of key metrics like date, judge, and jurisdiction and each entry links to a pdf download page.

American Bar Association

The American Bar Association maintains a Legal Technology Resource Center with information on the latest technology news for its members. It features a Legal Technology Buyer’s Guide to help you explore technology products and services. Other resources include:

Using these resources, you can stay ahead of the curve with technology no matter what your size.

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