Small law firm technology

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You can compete in the modern marketplace with small law firm technology

small law firm technologyA common misconception about law firms is that smaller shops cannot compete with large firms. While that might have been true in the past, new technology is making it possible for small and solo law offices to challenge the big boys. Here are two small law firm technology trends that are helping small law offices attract clients and grow their reputation:

An Optimized, Responsive Website that Ranks Well

A small law firm with a sleek, optimized website can attract as much attention as a large firm can. The website must be optimized with appropriate keywords, back links and content. If done correctly, the site will appear in the search rankings under search topics related to your law focus. The site might even rank ahead of larger law offices.

The site should also render well on a tablet, laptop, desktop or smartphone. In this mobile era, a responsive web design is necessary for a positive user experience across all devices. A responsive site also makes a small firm look bigger and can enhance its reputation.

Advertising in New, Cheaper Places

Advertising these days is less expensive and more targeted. In addition to having an optimized website that can draw free search traffic, a small law office can leverage LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to find new clients. All are free, but you can broaden your reach with affordable ads on these sites for as little as $5.

Even longer-term pay-per-click advertising campaigns using Google or Bing cost much less than old-fashioned media buys and can generate quality leads. The key is to have an eye-catching, but professional, landing page with well written, informative content and a strong call to action.

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