Small law firm staffing issues: Be a great boss

small law firm staffingMany small law firms operate as truly solo endeavors, but there may come a time when you need to hire staff to help. When you are ready to address small law firm staffing issues, strive to be a great boss.

What does that mean? Great bosses:

Great bosses work with their staff

Instead of just telling them what needs to be done, explain why it needs to be done. The key to great client service, and happier employees, is clear communication.

Expect a lot from their staff

Great bosses expect their staff to work hard and to provide excellent work. That doesn’t mean logging long hours, but it does mean working efficiently and with care.

Give clear direction

When great bosses give staff a project, they clearly define expectations and instructions. This step helps prevent frustration and lost time when work is done the right way the first time.

Offer constructive criticism

Not Great bosses offer both praise and pointers on areas for improvement. Truly constructive criticism helps staff members grow without demeaning them.

They care

Great bosses show their human side and really care about their people. They treat everyone with respect and do what they can to support their employees’ growth and on-the-job happiness.

Growing a successful law business means thinking beyond the practice of law. Strong relationships with peers, and with staff when it is time to hire, can make all the difference in how your business succeeds.

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