How small law firm social media fits into your law practice

small law firm social mediaMarketing an independent law practice is an important aspect of client interaction. Social media is an easily accessible tool where you can interact with potential clients, exchange information and market your law business. When setting up your small law firm social media profiles, consider:

It’s where your clients are

After any event that requires legal services, most people take to the Internet to research if they have a case. Through social media, you can communicate with potential clients instantly and help answer their initial questions.

Post regularly and consistently

In order to maximize the number of potential clients who find your practice, you should commit to posting to social media regularly. Regular posts help ensure that your practice shows up in searches, but they also give clients an idea of your areas of specialty. Use social media to inform your audience and to show off some of your expertise.

Start conversations

Social media, ideally, should be a two-way street. You will be sharing legal information and tips with your clients, but be sure to read and respond to comments as well. Engaging in conversations with your audience helps ensure their buy-in and gives them a greater level of trust in your customer service as well as your law experience.

An open comments section in your blog similarly allows potential clients to ask questions, and it can open the door to a phone call and a warm lead. Clients are in desperate circumstances, and good communication from you can help develop a lasting relationship.

Social media is a way to build confidence in your services before the call is made. Dedicating time to social media is a must for 21st century small law firms.

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