Make the most of your efforts with these small law firm marketing resources

Independent lawyers and small practices don’t have the luxury of unlimited marketing budgets or large marketing teams. However, you can make the best use of the time and staff you do have with these small law firm marketing resources.

First, a quick word about why you can’t let marketing fall off your radar. Even if most of your business comes from referrals, many of those individuals will first search for you online. A robust online presence will help prospective clients see you as an established firm with relevant experience in your practice area.

So, if you have put off marketing because you don’t have time to do it all yourself, it’s time to enlist some help in the following areas:


Hiring an experienced web designer could be one of the best investments you make for your firm. The right web professional will understand how to create a user-friendly design. Beyond aesthetics, that design allows people to find the information they need – and leads them to contact you – more easily.

Quite a few agencies market themselves as “lawyer marketing firms,” but you don’t necessarily need a firm that only specializes in lawyers. In fact, some of those firms can leave you with a cookie-cutter approach to web design. Instead, you need someone who understands current best practices and who takes the time to understand you and your target client base.

Ask trusted business contacts for referrals to a great web designer or post a request for proposals through LinkedIn’s ProFinder feature. When you have narrowed down the list of potential designers, ask a lot of questions prior to starting the project. This article can help guide you.

Marketing and communication:
Lawyer social media, email and more

We talked about law practice management software in our last blog, and you might think that one software tool will handle all your needs. However, many of those tools focus on existing case files and workflow rather than lead generation or ongoing client communication.

A customer relationship management tool can fill in the gaps. Known as CRM, these tools help you manage your lists and automate email marketing and social media.

According to Lawyerist:

“A good client intake CRM software gives you a systematic approach to maintain and strengthen client relationships and trust. CRMs can help manage your clients’ experience with you from first meeting to last, and a good client experience can help set you apart from the crowd.” 

That site offers a comparison tool that features lawyer-specific CRM, such as Lawmatics and Law Ruler, as well as more general tools.

These tools save you time by automating social media and email marketing, but you should still take the time to develop a clear marketing strategy. You can review our blog archives for marketing advice.


Why would a client choose you over another attorney? A personal touch and your professional style could make all the difference, and video can help you express that. With modern tools, it also doesn’t need to break the bank.

According to Attorney at Law Magazine:

“…modern video marketing has made it easier and easier to produce videos without complicated equipment or tools.”

That article mentions two tools, Adobe Video and Animoto, that can help you easily produce a variety of videos for your firm. Choose these tools for simple animations or informational videos.

You can also “go live” on Facebook or other social platforms for a more informal approach. Use this feature when you want to comment on a relevant news story or share a real-time update from your firm.

For more substantial videos that you plan to feature on your website, consider hiring a video production team. These professionals know lighting, sound and editing in and out and will give your video a more polished finish. Again, ask business associates for referrals or post to ProFinder to find a skilled production team.

* * *

Bottom line, you don’t need to focus on marketing full time to make the most of it. Modern technology and tools can do a lot of the work for you, so you really don’t have an excuse to ignore marketing altogether.

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