Three elements to include in your small law firm blog

small law firm blogBlogs help clients find attorneys, and a small law firm blog can help you stand out from the competition. A well-designed blog that draws in the reader is more memorable to potential clients than a static website with no useful information.

Any small law firm or independent lawyer starting a blog should remember the following points:

1) The blog should focus on your core area of practice

Are you a personal injury lawyer who loves sixteenth century English law? Keep your hobbies to yourself and focus your blog on the interests of your clients and potential clients. Remember, the goal is to grow your practice by showing what you can do for clients.

2) The blog should be easy to navigate

This step may seem intuitive, but many poorly designed websites still exist. Make sure that you offer links by topic. Choose an attractive design. Add a search function.

A potential client often has a specific legal question. If he or she can find the answer to that question easily within your blog, then you are one step closer to landing new business.

3) The blog should reinforce your expertise

While writing posts, use anecdotes of successes you’ve had as a lawyer. Explain plainly and effectively the value that you add. Avoid using five-dollar words or too much legal jargon. Write for the audience and show your skill in a straightforward way. The message of your blog should be: “I am an effective lawyer and I’m can help you solve your problem.”

A well-designed blog can benefit any small law firm. Keeping these tips in mind, you can create an effective blog that attracts law clients and helps your firm grow.

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