Building business as an independent lawyer

promote your law firmWhether you’re fresh out of law school, or you’ve decided to leave a big law firm and open your own practice, you’re probably excited to start this new opportunity. One of the biggest and most important pieces of the puzzle that will help you be successful as a sole practitioner is finding clients.

If you’re leaving a big law firm, you may already have a group of clients who are willing to make the move with you (barring any non-compete agreements you might have signed with the firm). If that’s not the case, or you are just starting out and don’t have clients knocking at your door, you’ll need to advertise and consider the options for promoting your law firm as an independent practitioner.

Marketing for the independent lawyer

Unlike the big law firms with never-ending cash flow, you’re going to find yourself with a much smaller budget, but it’s possible to advertise and market yourself without spending top dollar.

Social Media

Whether you tweet, snap or post, social media is big when it comes to marketing any business. You can use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for posts about your area of focus, news from the industry, helpful information for potential clients and much more.

Also, avoid assuming that some social media platforms are only for those under the age of 19. Many businesses have discovered the advantages of the variety of platforms available. While Snapchat and Instagram may not be professional enough for many types of law firms, they could be a way to reach your target market. Consider your niche and your market when choosing social platforms for marketing.

Website and blogging

Establishing a website is an important component when promoting your law firm, and filling your site with content is how you drive traffic to that site. For example, if your firm’s main focus is personal injury, you can generate fresh content by blogging about personal injury topics. Remember to keep the client’s perspective in mind and share information that is easy to understand and useful to your target market.

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