Many opportunities for small law firms in Denver

small law firmsAs a new lawyer, you have a number of career paths available to you, including the prospect of launching your own practice. There are many opportunities for small law firms to build business. If you are a new lawyer, consider these options:

Big law firms are not the only option

Like it or not, landing a six-figure legal job in today’s job market is not as easy as some think. Working for a big law firm is not the right choice for every lawyer. With long hours and lack of control over the type of law you practice, a big law firm might not be the best fit for you.

With student debt often exceeding $100,000 by the time school is completed, new graduates might consider using the public service loan forgiveness program while building a legal resume. Another option is to bypass the traditional firm career path and hang your own shingle.

Some practice areas to consider

Many state and federal courts have room for independent lawyers to take on court appointments. These cases may be criminal defense, or abuse and neglect cases involving children or the elderly. Some states pay more than others for these services, but they offer new lawyers a way to build experience and earn income.

Additionally, both immigration law and social security disability law are growing fields where small law firms can thrive. In Colorado, the marijuana industry is also seeing a need for skilled legal services. Selecting a niche practice area can be an excellent way to build your reputation as an independent lawyer.

Getting started

As you launch your small law firm, one asset you cannot do without is office space. An affordable, professional office space makes a great impression on your clients and places you in contact with other lawyers and professionals.

At LawBank, we specialize in affordable office space for independent lawyers who are trying to grow their practices. From office space to coworking space, LawBank is the perfect place in Denver to hang your shingle. Contact us today to learn more about our two central Denver locations.