New Web-based services connect solo lawyers and small firms to clients with specific legal needs.

There’s yet another resource for solo lawyers and small firms looking to build up their client lists: online legal matchmakers. These services provide an interface for small businesses to find attorneys for specific legal issues, and for independent attorneys and small law offices to expand their client bases well beyond their existing network. The benefit for small businesses is access to a pre-screened group of lawyers who can bid on projects at competitive rates. The plus for lawyers is the ability to reach a much wider market in very specific areas of law. Many of the sites require discounted rates or referral fees from the lawyers, making them more useful for solo practitioners and smaller firms with the flexibility to negotiate rates.

These types of services aren’t right for every lawyer, or every situation, but it’s another option in the growing set of online business development resources available to today’s entrepreneurial attorney. More more details, check out this article in The Wall Street Journal: Online Matchmakers Offer Small Firms New Way to Find Legal Help.