Use technology to your advantage

online law practice toolsWhile big law firms have money for staffing, infrastructure and expensive software, there are many other great benefits of working as an independent lawyer. Online law practice tools can also make it easier than ever to manage your caseload and run a successful firm.

Today’s technology makes it easier than in the past to start your own practice. Firms of all sizes have access to services that only big law firms were able to afford in the past.

These tools can help level the playing field:


This open source, legal research program makes research available at a fraction of the price you’d pay Westlaw or Lexis.


The Lawgeex database provides a resource for reviewing contracts and agreements. It can help you serve your clients’ document review needs while freeing up your time for other work.


This inexpensive e-discovery solution allows you to handle litigation. Because it’s completely cloud based, you never pay for storage or set-up. Nearly 20 percent of Logikcull clients are small law firms.

If you want to start an independent law practice, but need some help, contact us. Our affordable shared office and co-working spaces in Denver make your dream possible.