Grow your business with one of these niche law practice areas

niche law practiceAs you build an independent law practice or small law firm, we recommend focusing on a niche law practice area. By choosing one or two areas of focus, potential clients will find you more easily.

Some of the most lucrative law practice areas currently include:

Corporate law

Business owners often need legal counsel as they form new corporations or enter into business agreements. As an independent lawyer working in corporate law, you have the flexibility to work with a wide range of clients. You can choose to work with small business owners, start-ups or even larger corporations that need regular contract reviews.

As more companies opt to use contract lawyers vs. inside counsel, it means more opportunities for small law firms.

Intellectual property law

In the modern marketplace, companies and individuals often find their intellectual property rights impeded. As their lawyer, you will help them protect their IP and avoid making IP mistakes.

Intellectual property applies to all types of businesses: A local brewery might need help securing a trademark for a new beer, while a startup needs a patent on a new product. You can help these clients navigate an often confusing and complicated IP process.

Healthcare Law

The healthcare landscape continues to evolve, which translates into a growing need for lawyers who specialize in this area. Both individuals and businesses need legal advice on managing healthcare laws and coverage, which opens the door for independent lawyers to build a strong healthcare law business.

As you choose your niche law practice area, consider your personal passions and interests. In addition, call on your past skills and experience to guide you. While the practice areas above are in demand, they might not be the perfect fit for you.

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