Connecting in person is a key strategy for marketing your practice

Many lawyers today are focusing on marketing their solo law practice on social media. Often, face-to-face networking is forgotten when it comes to getting information about your business out. Many people dread networking, but it can be helpful for attracting new clientele.

Here are networking tips for independent lawyers

  • Always carry your business cards. Business cards are an absolute necessity when you have a business. Make sure that you always have one to hand out, no matter where you are.
  • Always remember that networking events are about relationships first. You should attend events to make friends. Then, when people need you for your business, they will remember you.
  • Details matter. If you have trouble remembering some of the little things, jot names and details on the back of people’s business cards. This will keep you from forgetting things when you run into them at the next event.
  • Don’t forget the follow up. A lot of business is lost in the follow up. If you tell someone that you are going to do something, be sure to follow through, even if you have to make a list so you don’t forget.

Networking is sometimes forgotten as a way of marketing in the world of social media, but face-to-face connection makes an impact in a way that online interactions cannot. Always carry around business cards in case you run into someone who might be interested in hearing about your business. If you are nervous about networking, be sure to think about it as making new friends, which may evolve into business relationships.

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