Build your small law firm with the right connections

small law firmSetting up a small law firm is a complex and rewarding endeavor, but your work doesn’t end after the launch. It is important to network in order to build your small law firm into a thriving business.

These three tips will help you build your network as a lawyer in a small firm:

Connect with other small law firms and solo lawyers

This sounds like an obvious tip, but actually finding other solo lawyers in your area is harder than it sounds at first. Where do you find them? One way is to hop on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook and join groups designed for solo lawyers to connect. Also, attend weekly mixers and other networking events set up for solo lawyers. You can find these networking opportunities on sites like Meetup or in your local paper.

In addition, sharing office space in a building dedicated to small law firms and independent lawyers is a great way to build your network. In Denver, LawBank offers two locations with affordable office and coworking options for lawyers.

Network with non-lawyers

Just as you should network with other solo lawyers and small law firms, you should meet professionals in other fields. These connections help you increase your overall reach and, ideally, they will help build your future referral network. Attend networking events open to all industries or join a local chamber of commerce or business group to meet people outside the legal field.

Focus on relationship-building

Don’t try to establish a connection with every person you meet. A stack of business cards means nothing without a strong reason to connect. Focus on building relationships with people who share something in common and with whom you relate well. Be genuine when you are building a relationship with anyone new; don’t do it just for the sake of getting something beneficial from them. Focus on building your reputation and that person’s trust in you while you build a relationship with them.

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