Working independently doesn’t mean working in isolation

networking as an independent lawyerThere are a lot of benefits to working as an independent lawyer, but one thing that you might miss about working in a big practice a big professional and social network.

If you work in a big firm, you have a built-in network of colleagues on-site. If you work on your own, however, you might only have yourself or a staff of a few people. Fortunately, building a network as a solo lawyer is possible if you follow a few helpful tips:

Communicate with other local lawyers

Just because some of the lawyers in the courtroom are your competition doesn’t mean that you can’t be friendly. Make an effort to be nice to the other legal professionals in your area when you run into them at court or around town. In time, other lawyers from different practice areas, or those who are overloaded with work, can become your best source for new client referrals.

Get online

The Internet makes it easier than ever for you to get connected with other lawyers. Consider filling out your social media profiles and joining online communities for lawyers so that you make connections.

Attend industry events

Make it a point to attend industry events, such as conferences for your area of law. It makes it easy for you to meet new people, and you will stay up-to-date on what’s going on in the world of law.

Share office space

Moving out of your home office can be a great way to stay connected professionally and build a network of peers. Shared office spaces, such as LawBank, offer a perfect opportunity for building your independent law practice among a network of like-minded peers.

Networking as a solo lawyer is easier than you think if you follow these tips. If you need more assistance with launching and maintaining your independent law career, contact us today.

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