Technology allows lawyers to be nimble

Prior to the Internet era, a new lawyer had to put considerable thought into the office arrangements that he or she chose. After all, most clients would come to the lawyer’s office for a consultation or to discuss the details of a case, and the state of an attorney’s office could either make or break the initial relationship.

Today, more lawyers are choosing alternatives to traditional law offices. Some of the most common modern law office arrangements are:

  • Maintaining a strong online presence without any physical office at all and arranging to meet clients in an office borrowed from another attorney
  • Utilizing an office rental service wherein the attorney lists the physical address of an office in a suite but only pays for the hours that he or she actually uses the office
  • Pooling resources with several other similarly situated attorneys to rent an office where any of the participants can reserve blocks of time to meet with clients
  • Renting a desk or an office in a co-working space where the lawyer can maintain regular office hours, use conference rooms and office equipment, and where guests are greeted by a receptionist

These arrangements have the advantage of being among the more affordable options for new lawyers or lawyers who are building an independent law practice. They allow attorneys to use a well-appointed office setting for client meetings and convey a professional image.

These modern law office arrangements offer a variety of benefits to independent lawyers: saving money is vital to a new attorney struggling to build a practice; presenting a professional and polished image to clients and prospects; and developing a collaborative network with other lawyers and professionals.

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