Modern law clients are tech-savvy and looking for certain things

modern law clientsLanding on a potential client’s radar is the first big step toward attracting new business. In the past, that might have meant a yellow pages listing or a billboard ad, but modern law clients are looking elsewhere.

Marketing to modern law clients

Ideally, you want your law office to be on the first page online search results. You can improve your search ranking by maintaining a regular blog and a solid social media presence.

Once a potential client lands on your website, you want it to give the right first impression. It should be user-friendly, modern and easy to read. Include appropriate visuals and make it easy for a prospect to contact you from each page. Many prospects will decide against contacting you if your site is outdated or difficult to navigate.

It is best to keep in mind that you don’t need to try and act cool to attract modern clients. You just need to be everything a good lawyer should be: professional, knowledgeable, confident and understanding. Projecting all those traits from your person and your web presence is sure to be a siren song to new, young clients.

Maintaining your reputation

All the marketing and SEO in the world won’t matter if your work doesn’t speak for you. Above all, make client service a high priority. Clients who receive good service are more likely to refer you to friends, family and colleagues, and word-of-mouth marketing can often lead to the most new business.

In addition, keep an eye on online review sites. If a client does leave a less-than-shining review, address the person’s concerns or complaints promptly and politely. The way you handle conflict online speaks to your overall professionalism.

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