How to transition to a solo law practice with easemid-career move to independent law

Although you might have been happy to snag just about any job when you were fresh out of law school, you might be ready to make a change now that you have put several years into your career. Starting your own firm might seem like a good idea, for example, but you might be nervous about taking this big step and making this big change.

These tips can make this big change a lot easier for you.

Don’t stop networking
Now is an important time to keep networking. Network with lawyers from other firms, professors from your law school and anyone else who is related to the legal field. You are going to need as many friends as possible when you branch out on your own.

Talk to your loyal clients
Unless you have signed a contract with your existing law firm that prohibits you from doing so, it’s a good idea to talk to your loyal clients about your plans to launch an independent law firm. As a courtesy, it lets them know to expect a change in their legal team. As a bonus, some of them might follow you to your solo firm.

Don’t get in over your head
You might dream of running your own big, fancy law firm, but make sure that you don’t get in over your head. Consider starting small to avoid getting overwhelmed or going into too much debt when trying to start your practice.

Transitioning to an independent law practice can be exciting and scary. If you are looking for a place to grow your new firm, contact us to learn more about our flexible office leases and co-working space in Denver.