Marketing an independent law practice offline

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Reaching potential legal clients on a budgetmarketing an independent law practice

A strong website, a blog, a social media site and local online business page brings plenty of eyes toward your company. While it’s vital to have an online presence, an offline presence is equally important.

A physical location is the first thing independent lawyers need to secure. A brick-and-mortar location is the point of origin for many people searching for legal services. If a long-term office lease is not in your budget, a great alternative is a professional co-working space.

Lawyers depend on word-of-mouth referrals to build business from existing clients, former colleagues, family and friends. With a personal referral, potential clients can ask detailed questions about your client’s experience. Start by giving current clients great customer service and encourage them to send you referrals or write a positive review for your website.

As an alternative to traditional paid advertising, think local. Place postcards, business cards or brochures inside businesses and retail establishments that cater to your target demographic. In addition, sponsor local events or place a lower-cost ad in a local publication.

Networking is another tried-and-true offline promotion tactic. Reconnect with high school and college alumni groups. Go to social gatherings, speaking events and functions to meet new people. Approach people in a genuine and friendly manner; not as a lawyer offering services.

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