Marketing a small law firm doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive

Marketing a small law firmWhen you are building a boutique law practice, marketing must be a top priority. When you run your own firm, you are no longer just a lawyer: You are a business owner. You must think about how to stay competitive and how to attract a steady stream of clients. So, where do you begin with marketing a small law firm?Online marketing is the simple, easy and affordable method of putting your name in front of an individual looking for legal services.

Online marketing

With the Internet readily available to most people, most research of any kind starts with an online search. Bottom line, you need to have an online presence. Begin with a strong website and support it with regular blog posts, social media posts and other useful content to help clients find you in their search results.

Small firm vs. large firm

As an independent lawyer or a small law firm, don’t assume that you can’t compete with the big firms. Many individuals and businesses now seek out smaller law practices. Why? They often receive more hands-on, personal service from a small shop.

Your online marketing strategy will help these clients find you among all the options out there. If you can address potential clients’ questions and needs with quality, online content, you are one step closer to winning their business. What you provide doesn’t have to be expensive or flashy, but it does need to show clients that you are the right fit.

Create a strategy

Marketing a small law firm, as with any business, begins with creating a marketing strategy. Get clear on your target audience. Do you plan to practice in one niche area of law or generalize? Develop working profiles for two or three ideal clients and use those as your foundation for developing your strategy.

Next, determine how you can help potential clients before they ever meet you. If you can answer some common questions and offer helpful information through your website, blog and social posts, you establish yourself as a resource in your law practice area.

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