Market a small law firm using the right social media tools

market a small law firmIf you’re using social media and a website to market your law practice, you’re doing great work. However, if you’re not also using the website Yelp as part of your online marketing arsenal, you’re missing out. Yelp is an extremely popular way to search for local services, and it is a great tool to help market a small law firm.

The concept is simple: List your business on Yelp and, when potential customers search for legal services in your area, they’ll find you. After someone works with you, anyone who uses your services can leave a review.

Here are great ways you can use your Yelp profile to increase your online presence:

Create a business profile

Unless you’re a well-known blogger, more potential customers will find you through browsing on Yelp than traditional search engines. A great profile has thorough information about the type of law clients you serve, the hours you work and several ways to contact you.

Ask current clients to leave you a five-star review

You can’t change or alter reviews on Yelp, but you can ask customers who love your practice to leave a positive review, in exchange for a discount or similar incentive. Five-star reviews will show potential clients that your services are worth using.

Stay in touch with customers

Yelp makes it easy to connect with reviewers through contacting them over private messages or making publicly viewable comments on the reviews. You can also let Yelp know if any reviews constitute harassment or personal attacks, and they’ll remove them right away.

Pay for marketing

It’s not necessary to pay to market on Yelp; however, if you choose to invest the cash, it’s one way to become more visible. When you pay to be a sponsored business, your law firm shows up first on search results, increasing the odds clients will choose you.

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