To attract new, quality clients, you must focus on law firm marketing best practices

law firm marketing best practicesIf you are hoping to add to your small law firm’s client roster in 2018, you must invest some time and money in marketing. You don’t need a big law firm budget, but you do need to follow some law firm marketing best practices.

To effectively market your small law firm, you should:

Be Consistent

Building awareness of your practice takes time, and you should think of marketing as a long-term strategy. Focus on producing quality content, and then share that content on a regular and consistent schedule.

When a prospective client visits your website, he or she will want to see evidence of your expertise. Quality blog posts and and thoughtful resources will help give clients confidence in your skills. On the flip side, a blog that hasn’t been updated in months could turn people away.

Focus on Professionalism

Again, consider a potential client’s point of view. Bombarding your audience with keywords won’t take you very far, but providing intelligent and useful information will help draw in readers and demonstrate your legal knowledge.

The information you choose to share can either instill confidence or create doubt in a prospect’s mind. Always market with professionalism in mind.

Attorney Raj Jha shared this anecdote with the National Law Review:

“Just last week a firm reached out to me and said that they lost a potentially multi-million dollar client who was referred to the firm. Why? They checked that firm’s web presence and its online presence didn’t match the professional quality they were seeking – even though it was an AV-rated firm – so they moved on.” 

Take a fresh look at your website and other marketing materials. Are they sending the professional message you want to convey?

Get Help

Especially if you run an independent law firm, you’re likely to let marketing slide a bit. Client work will take precedence, and marketing will shift to the back-burner. Does that sound familiar?

If you often tell yourself that you will work on your marketing strategy tomorrow, next week, or next month, it’s time to get help. That help could come in the form of hiring an assistant, or you can consider outsourcing at least some of your marketing. Enlisting the help of others can give your marketing the boost it needs.

Know Your Client

Marketing a personal injury law practice will differ from marketing a real estate law practice. You need to know your niche and your client. Create a “buyer persona” and craft a marketing strategy around it.

One digital marketing firm offers this advice to lawyers:

“Marketing success depends on how well law firms can target and build relationships with the right prospects. Strong, fully realized buyer personas will help you develop messaging and content that differentiates your law firm from your competitors. Be authentic. Be original. And most importantly, be human. Remember, you’re writing for potential clients, not search engines, and not your peers.”

I highlighted that last line, because I think it’s a great reminder to lawyers. You want to develop a rapport with your clients and speak to their needs and questions. Understanding your target clients’ needs is the best first step toward creating a strong marketing strategy.

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