lawyers should blogBlogging should be part of a lawyer’s marketing strategy

Many people will turn to the Internet for answers to their legal questions, and that is why blogging for lawyers is so important. Lawyers who blog have the ability to capture the attention of potential clients who are looking for legal resources.

Lawyers must establish themselves as people who can be trusted, and a good blog helps to facilitate that trust. It allows readers to form an initial impression of a lawyer and his or her level of experience. In an article for, Rafi Arbel wrote, “A well-written blog showcases your subject-matter knowledge, awareness of client needs and concerns, and commitment to service.”

Repeat Visitors
A lawyer who updates his or her blog frequently encourages repeat visitors. Readers will return to see new material and gather the latest information in the field. Repeat visitors create an audience for ongoing marketing efforts, and blogs may even help convert readers into clients.

Public Education
Lawyers’ blogs can help educate the public about the need for legal services. Many people do not realize the potential consequences that they could face as a result of various circumstances, from business legal basics to personal injury. Legal blogs raise awareness about various issues and help the public protect themselves from potential pitfalls.

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