Jay Kamlet talks to Law Week Colorado about Lawyer Coworking Benefits

Law Week Colorado talked to Jay Kamlet about the rise of lawyer coworking in Denver for its June 2019 issue.

Kamlet shared with the publication how coworking can benefit lawyers while also maintaining necessary security and client confidentiality:

“It helps maintain the lawyers’ ethics a lot more when you’re exclusively a lawyer-related space versus a community of multiple professions or uses in the same space,” Kamlet said. At a mixed-profession office, attorneys often have to share space with other professionals who aren’t so conscientious about their voices or the topics they discuss around others, he added.

The article discussed how LawBank, founded in 2013, helped pave the way for other profession-specific coworking spaces in Denver. With three locations and a variety of office space arrangements available, LawBank has worked to meet the needs of both independent lawyers and small law firms. While a a solo lawyer might need weekly coworking and meeting space, small firms with more robust needs can make use of executive suites.

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lawyer coworking

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