The New Law Business Model: From Big Law to Solo Practice.

LawBank was recently featured in an article in Law Week Colorado, which discussed the growing movement of mid-career attorneys moving from big law firms to solo practice. The article features several LawBank client attorneys discussing the advantages of a collaborative co-working environment for lawyers. The LawBank concept is based, in large part, on the idea of building a flexible career supported by the professional resources of a shared office environment. With new technology, a more adaptable work environment and a redesigned client billing structure, many solo practitioners and small firms are experiencing great success. Key to this success is the ability to work independently but have all the amenities and collaborative legal resources that would be available to an attorney at a large firm. It’s a new model that is signaling a new era for lawyers. “The old model is breaking for a lot of firms,” says LawBank client attorney Stan Doida in the article. “I don’t want to be part of a broken machine.”

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