Cloud-based tools can help independent lawyers build their business

We live in a day and age where an independent lawyer does not need a traditional office or an assistant to run a successful solo law practice. An independent lawyer does, however, need to put his or her head in the cloud. That is, an independent lawyer must think about how best to utilize the cloud to manage a solo practice.

There are a number of cloud-based products specifically for lawyers.  This post highlights three tools that can help you launch your law firm:

  • HoudiniEsq is a cloud-based law practice management platform. It allows the user to track time, expenses and invoices. It also provides case/matter management, document management, e-mail management and calendaring. HoudiniEsq is free for solo practitioners and provides free customer support and free, one-on-one training.
  • Clio offers a full suite of cloud-based tools like time-tracking, invoicing and matter management.  Its model is to provide higher levels of functionality per price point. The basic option is $39 per month and provides services like time-tracking, invoicing and basic customer support. At $59 per month, the “Boutique” option adds on services like accounting integration, payments and alternative-fee billing. The “Elite” level adds on services including revenue reports, priority customer support and court calendar management for $99 per month.
  • Amicus Cloud offers a suite of law practice management tools including time tracking and billing, document management, matter management, e-mail integration, conflict checks, calendaring and trust account management. Amicus Cloud charges $45 per month per user and provides unlimited customer support.

If you would like to explore more cloud-based tools useful to law practice, see this chart provided by the  American Bar Association.

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