LawBank: Denver’s new co-working law office solution for independent lawyers.

We have created LawBank to allow you to collaborate with your peers. Learn from your colleagues. Mentor the future of the legal profession. Join a community of legal professionals in a warm, friendly and thoughtful environment that has been created by lawyers for lawyers. Surround yourself with professionals of different specialties. Discuss issues outside of your specialties with lawyers who you learn to trust by being in the same office.

LawBank was created with the intention of bringing lawyers and complementary legal professionals together in a single location to work in an environment most closely emulating a law firm, yet avoiding unnecessary office overhead and politics.

LawBank brings together a traditional legal office design with exterior windowed partner offices with current co-working environments to create a legal ecosystem that naturally allows lawyers to collaborate with one another at a number of different levels..all of which are meant to maximize the legal expertise of each practice, while providing valuable service to every participant’s clients.

Knowledge of client’s needs is the cornerstone of the LawBank model. Every element in the office is constructed to maximize the ability of  lawyers to collaborate and draw off the experiences of others to assist the lawyer in achieving the most advantageous solution possible for their clients. Private phone booths, individual cloud-based file storage, locking file storage for paper files, discrete conference rooms, individual workstations and open spaces all blend in to creating an excellent place to go to work every day with confidence that you and your clients are being served the best legal advice that can be offered in the legal industry.

Join the other members of the Denver Bar in a brand new environment designed with your particular needs in mind.