The modern legal industry is perfect for an innovative small law firm

innovative small law firmBoutique law firms can pursue industry trends more easily than their larger counterparts, and modern legal clients appreciate an innovative small law firm. A small law firm’s structure means its partners don’t have to fight a firmly entrenched system that inhibits change. Thus, law practice innovation happens more often in small firms.

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), these small law firm industry trends are shaping the future of law practice. They include:

Being out of the office 24/7

With the advent of new technology, an increasing number of smaller firm attorneys are embracing virtual practices and new business models. Whether they work from a home office, or a fully equipped shared office space like LawBank, modern attorneys now enjoy the freedom of a more nimble existence.

Going paperless

Modern lawyers have also escaped from behind boxes of paper files. With portable scanners that can link to laptops, iPads and other portable devices, many lawyers have embraced the paperless way. State-of-the-art virus protection and firewalls that protect sensitive client data has allowed more law offices to adopt this technology.

Old-fashioned teamwork

Independent attorneys have been increasingly working with external colleagues on a variety of tasks. This professional collaboration enhances attorneys’ ability to serve clients well, and it allows for the exchange of ideas on running a successful practice. Referrals and fee-splitting arrangements are also en vogue.

Embracing new and innovative technology

Small law firms and independent attorneys are more willing to try new or nontraditional technology. From iPads to Web apps to social media platforms, the innovative small law firm enjoys broader applicability, client attraction, cost savings and improved efficiency.

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