Independent practice for new lawyers

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Co-working makes an independent law practice feasibleindependent practice for new lawyers

Opening an independent law practice is stressful, and the organization and management required to lease an office only adds to the stress.

One attractive alternative lies in co-working spaces. Someone else handles building management, logistics and overhead while you reap the benefits of a professional office environment, including conference space for client meetings, an on-site receptionist and more. A space like that allows your independent law practice to be fully organized, productive and comfortable within a professional community.

At a larger law firm, your passion and skill can get lost in the day-to-day shuffle of billable hours and work that doesn’t align with your interests. As a solo lawyer, you can tailor your practice to fit the niche that most interests you. As you build your business and clientele, a co-working space allows you to interact with others in your market, and you can begin to build a valuable local network.

LawBank caters specifically to independent lawyers in Denver, including new law school graduates who have chosen to begin their careers as independent practitioners. Referral sharing is one of the fastest ways to advance a fresh lawyer’s career, and LawBank’s collaborative community fosters that kind of peer-to-peer exchange.

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