The advantages of co-working

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Independent lawyers who co-work save money and build a networkindependent lawyers who co-work

As an independent lawyer, leasing your own office space might not be in the budget for several years, but that can actually work to your advantage. Co-working, the practice of leasing space in a shared environment, can be a great alternative for lawyers who don’t have access to their own office, and it offers some unique advantages:

Lower cost
Leasing a shared space is most certainly less expensive than independently leasing an office. Paying for a desk, cubicle or private office in a co-working environment allows you to save money for things like advertising. In addition, you will take home a larger percentage of your paycheck when you have lower overhead costs.

Professional community
Most of the other benefits of co-working come from the proximity to fellow lawyers. If you practice a different type of law than your co-workers—or just have a different specialty within the same type of law—then you can consult with your co-workers on aspects of cases.

Working alongside other independent lawyers lends itself well to mutual support and professional growth.

In addition, co-working will provide you with a number of referrals from your neighboring lawyers, either because a case is outside their realm of expertise or they just don’t have the time. This collaboration will help you maintain a steady flow of business.

If you’re considering starting your own practice, either on your own or with a few partners, co-working is one of the best options out there.

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