The right technology helps create a streamlined independent law office

independent law technologyIndependent lawyers and small law firms have to juggle a myriad of tasks.  They have to stay current with changing law, and they have to deal with clients, staffing issues, scheduling and more.  On top of all that, they now have to navigate the constantly changing world of office technology.

The digital world is now going mobile

We carry computers in our pockets and purses. According to the American Bar Association, 94 percent of attorneys use a smartphone, laptop or tablet to access the Internet while in the office or in the field.  Lawyers use smartphones for e-mail and texting, and they use tablets for reviewing documents.

Cloud computing is becoming the norm

Instead of installing legal software on a firm’s desktop computers, small law firms are now subscribing to legal software and accessing it via the Internet. Rather than using local servers, software companies store information in their own data centers, which might be in another part of the country. Software updates happen regularly and almost automatically.

Law offices are going paperless

Paper documents are becoming dinosaurs as independent law firms and small practices ditch the reams of paper and metal filing cabinets. Information is now being scanned, indexed and uploaded to the cloud. Thanks to this remote storage, local disasters like floods, tornadoes, fire and even theft are no longer threats. Best of all, lawyers have access to the information anywhere at any time.

Lawyers are using social media to connect

Having a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a LinkedIn profile are ways to engage professionally and personally. They are also ways to generate leads. If a lawyer refers cases to other lawyers in his online network, then they will in turn refer clients to him.

Today’s technology is changing at a breakneck pace. Yet small law firms and solo practices have to keep up. While much of the digital world can seem overwhelming or complicated, embracing it means a more efficient and profitable law practice.

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