Independent law offers autonomy, flexibility

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Control your own destiny with your own practice

independent law offers autonomyLawyers have a lot of options: You can work in a company’s legal department, hire on with a large law firm, or you can work for the government.

Or you can go into practice on your own. This last option might be a little scary at first, but independent law offers autonomy and other benefits the other options don’t:


What matters in a large law firm is how many hours you work and how many of them you bill to the client. Quantity is more important than quality, and it is common to work on weekends and evenings.

In your own independent practice, you decide how many hours to work and you decide when to work them. If you would rather spend you weekends with your family instead of writing up legal briefs, then that is up to you.

Varied, more interesting work

Large law firms are often specialized, focusing on one type of law. Legal work for a company or the government is not much better. Dealing with the same area of law day in and day out is dull and monotonous.

As an independent lawyer, you can work in a variety of legal areas. You can set up shop as a generalist, taking on clients with all kinds of interesting legal issues.

Casual work environment

Nothing is quite as stuffy as a large law firm. They usually have a dress code and a strict hierarchy. Even company legal departments and government offices have an air of formality about them.

A solo lawyer’s practice is a much more relaxed and friendlier environment in which to work. It is a pleasant place to spend time. This is particularly true if you are sharing office space with other independent lawyers at LawBank or another shared office setting.

Thinking of setting up shop as an independent lawyer in Denver? If so, then contact us. We have the perfect shared work space for lawyers to get your practice started on the right track.