What is a growth mode lawyer tribe, anyway?

The words “growth mode lawyer tribe” might feel like too much slang for you, but I chose that casual phrase for a reason. As an independent lawyer working on a growth mindset, you can also begin to shed some of the buttoned-up formality that comes with traditional law practice.

Do something new

We will dive into this idea more in the next blog, but one really attractive aspect of running an independent law firm is the ability to do it your way. You don’t have to follow the model your old firm used, nor any other firm out there, for that matter.

Letting go of old processes and habits sets the stage for creating a unique law business. Along the way, however, you need to determine what makes you YOU. Especially if you have been in the field of law for some time, that’s often easier said than done.

So, start here. Ask:

  • What about me led me to a career in law?
  • What topics get my heart racing or my blood boiling?
  • When have I felt most comfortable as a lawyer?
  • When have I felt most uncomfortable?
  • How does my personality and/or skill set make me different from other lawyers?
  • If there were no limits on time or finances, what would I be doing? How can I incorporate some of that passion into my law business?

As you address these questions, be sure to think of both your personal and professional selves. In a growth mindset, you ideally will consider growth both at work and beyond. Ideally, your professional growth will support your personal growth, and vice versa.

Those questions about comfort shouldn’t lead you to hide in your comfort zone. Rather, they are intended to help you uncover when you feel most “in flow.” When you experience flow, ideas and work come easily, and it’s easiest to achieve flow when your work aligns with your personal interests, passions and skills.

Taking the time for self-reflection can help you determine how you want your business to grow and what you hope to accomplish along the way.

Surround yourself with like-minded peers

Once you have a clear handle on who you are, and how your business growth goals support that, it’s time to find your people. Again, many of us gravitate to groups where we already know the people and the group culture. However, just because you have always attended one association meeting or networking group doesn’t mean it’s the ideal place to connect with like-minded peers. Be honest: Do you look forward to that tried-and-true group, or do you dread going?

As you embrace a growth mindset, you should also seek out fellow entrepreneurs who have similar goals and passions. Building a business alongside others doing the same can help motivate and inspire you.

So, I challenge you to try something new and work to meet some new people. Where to begin:

  • Take a class on a subject that interests you (professional or personal)
  • Identify a conference on a subject that aligns with your business goals
  • Find a new networking group or two; attend new events until you find a handful that seem to fit you best
  • Consider shared office or co-working spaces that foster collaboration
  • Present a talk to a new group, perhaps one outside of your field
  • Ask existing contacts for introductions to people who can offer growth-minded business advice

That’s not to say you should completely abandon your old network. Many people in your existing network could also support your current growth mindset, and you have worked hard over the years to develop those relationships. However, if there are a handful of people who seem to promote negative or self-limiting messages, rather than a growth mindset, it might be time to let those relationships fade.

To learn more about growing a law business alongside like-minded peers, contact us. We offer office and co-working space for lawyers in Denver.